About The ZDSK
The Zero Day Survival Kit is a minimalist approach to the essentials needed for immediate survival. At the core of the small lightweight survival kit is a Fire Piston for creating fire using limited resources. Built around the fire piston is storage space for basic first aid supplies, fishing, hunting and trapping supplies, as well as supplies for potable water. On the one end of the survival kit is a small compartment used to store "Char Cloth" and petroleum jelly which has numerous survival applications. On the other end is a small compartment with a spool housing for fishing line. This housing will also readily accept Class 66 size bobbins (Link to Amazon). ZDSK is a modular survival kit allowing the user to add or remove items as needed. The modular adaptable design can be expanded upon with “add-on” accessories such as a compass and a survival flashlight. These add on accessories are currently in the research and development phase but through your support we can bring these to market in quality fashion and in a timely manner.

About The Inventer of the ZDSK
In 2000, right after High School, I left the seemingly perpetual winter of North East Pennsylvania in favor of the US Army. I started off my tenure as a Crypto-Linguist (Foreign Language Code Breaker) under the Military intelligence banner but following the attacks on 9/11 became an Intelligence Operator for various combat units amongst other military professions. I proudly served for 6 years, including combat deployments, one of which my vehicle hit a roadside bomb. Because of this I am a disabled veteran but truly never roamed far from my military roots and hold no ill regard, simply the cards i was dealt. I am a very proud father, and am not embarrassed even slightly to admit i'm often called “Bear”... as in teddy bear... cuddly even. I believe in a world of humane and courteous treatment of all, I value my privacy, and I respect that all I know is that I know very little.